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The 2024 wedding color .... IS Marseille Bleu!!!

Every year a new wedding color and trends are in. It's almost like a navy blue but not as dark. It's such a unique blue and truthfully.. it is STUNNING!

This year we are looking at the beautiful Marseille Bleu.

the 2024 wedding color

This color can easily be paired with so many other colors to create such a beautiful contrast for your wedding day. Pinks, peaches, whites, even oranges and greenery! The list is endless.


So how can you add this new 2024 wedding color to your wedding?

stunning linen color.
Table linen color

  1. In your candles or table linens. Adding the color to your linen is a cost effective way to enhance your space as a whole AND bring in this color.

perfect example of the napkin color
napkin color

2. Adding the color in your napkins. This would be such a easy way to add this type of blue to your day. So simple yet will be so elegant.

Perfect flower color
Flower Color

3. In your florals. Adding blue to your flowers with a white linen or truthfully.. any linen color just about would add a huge difference to your florals and overall look of your space.

wax seals in perfect color
Color in wax seals

4. Wax seals or place card paper. Honestly any stationary items would be stunning.

invitation in perfect color

5. Invites, menu cards, and signage.

Truly so many ways and such a stunning blue.


What do you think about the new 2024 color?

Will you be using it in your wedding?


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