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What makes Forevermore different?

Forevermore is different because our planners are educated, insured, and certified in Wedding Planning and Coordination. This means our Lead Coordinators had to have one full year of training with our owner before being sent out with any other team member. They have been assistants for 2 or more years before being promoted to a Lead and went through a program to increase their knowledge! Due to this, you are guaranteed to have an experienced and educated Planner or Coordinator here at Forevermore to make sure all the logistics and your vision are executed to perfection!

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Forevermore Weddings will help you find the best vendors in the business who are professional and trustworthy! We'll keep track of your budget, give you design ideas, keep every aspect organized, and so much more! Wedding Planning has a lot of components that most people don't think about; our job is to ensure you are aware of these forgotten details and make sure don't feel overwhelmed or stressed. We're more than your Planner, we'll act as your best friend - we'll be there for every question, concern, and stressful situation.

Do I really need a Day-of-Coordinator?

No one should have to worry about setup or cleanup on your big day. By hiring a Wedding Coordinator, you, your family, and your friends can truly enjoy your wedding day without lifting a finger. Your coordinator will handle everything from setting up your decorations, communicating with vendors, managing the timeline, cleaning up after the event, and everything in between. Enjoy the day you've worked so hard on and let us handle the rest.

Why should I hire Forevermore for event design/decor?

No one should have to worry if their event is going to look like the vision created and dreamed of. We are here to make sure what you have worked so hard to dream up and want for your wedding comes to life. That is why we have expanded our education and team to have a entire design, floral and decoration service so we can make sure you get the vision and dream wedding you want! 

I have a Venue Coordinator, what's the difference?

Our Wedding Coordinator's job is to work only for you, the couple. A Venue Coordinator oversees the on-site staff, to make sure they are fulfilling their contractual obligations, serving food on time, etc. Their job isn't to communicate with your outside vendors to ensure they're on track, whereas our's is. Additionally, in most cases, the Venue Coordinator is not there for the duration of the event or they have other events they are overseeing on the property during the same time. We'll be the first people there and the last to leave.

If we book Forevermore, do we have to utilize all of your services?

Absolutely not! We do offer in-house florists, decoration rentals, and more. However, if you have other vendors you'd like to work with, we'd be happy to work with them as well!

How early should we hire a Planner/Coordinator?

We recommend anywhere from one to two years prior to your wedding date. We have dates booked into 2022 currently, so the earlier the better to ensure we can help make your dream day a reality!

How many weddings will you book per weekend?

To ensure our clients receive our full attention and best work, we will only book one wedding a weekend per lead coordinator which currently is two events a weekend. Contact us today to see if your date is available!

Will you travel to my event?

YES! Love knows no boundaries so why should our services. We will travel anywhere our services are needed!

Where are you located?

We have branches in:

  • Toledo, OH 

  • Cleveland, OH

  • Columbus, OH

  • Detroit, MI 

  • Chicago, IL

  • Atlanta, GA

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