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What is the difference between a wedding designer and a wedding planner?

So many couples mix up the 2 services. One i more in charge of the day logistics and the other is in charge of over seeing the aesthetics of the event.

  1. Wedding designers help create a visual look from the attire to the florals and other decorations to make sure everything goes together perfectly. Not only regarding the look to things but also the placement to things. Such as tables and what centerpieces will go to each table, where tables should be laid out to have the room aesthetically appealing. They discuss the florals, the linens deciding what colors go together and how even napkins should be folded, how

  2. Wedding planners unlike wedding designers help with finding vendors that fit within the budget and style of the event. They are in charge of bringing the team together to have the day go flawlessly and without the clients needing to worry or their family/friends.

  3. Wedding designers may help find the vendors for the florals and linens along with the bigger decoration items but they are typically designers in floral or rentals themselves allowing a easier route for you and less people to have to go through.

  4. Wedding planners work out timelines and how the day will be ran and managed. They also handle all the issues that arise during the planning process and the day of. Most people consider their planner as their wedding bestie, and I think that speaks for itself.

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